Places to Download Free Kindle eBooks

Feedbooks: This is an eBook platform that is universal; on this platform you will have access to tens of thousands of different eBooks, all free of charge.

ManyBooks[dot]net: On this site you can access over 20,000 eBooks, if there’s a book that you’re currently looking to add to your already existing Kindle library, all you have to do is use the drop down menu to select the appropriate Kindle format.

Project Gutenberg: Here, you will be able to download and access eBooks for free, choosing from a large variety of topics and discussions and tons of different eBooks.So what are the methods to use in order to download free eBooks to your Kindle device?

Using two simple methods, it’s possible for you to download eBooks from Project Gutenberg to your Kindle device for free:

1. Download the content to your personal computer:
Just visit the websites that I mentioned early, then download the Book and have it transferred to your Kindle device through USB. Make sure the file is coped to the documents directory.

2. Download eBooks from the internet to your Kindle device:
Visit the website using the Kindle browser, make sure the file is compatible by looking at the file extension, once you have found an eBook that you’re interested in and also has the correct file type, click on the download tab, within a matter of seconds the file should be transferred to your device.3. Use email by itself ($0.10 fee)
All you have to do is email the file to yourself and make sure that it goes directly into the mailbox of your Kindle. Amazon should then acknowledge that the file has been converted and thus, allow you to download the file to your eBook reading device, keeping in mind, the 10 cent fee that you will be charged.